Emergency - Dial 911 or Fire - Dial 911


The Village of Lougheed is serviced by Flagstaff Regional Emergency Service Society (FRESS)

Lougheed Fire Hall hosts meetings last Wednesday of each month @ 7 pm.

    All interested and between 18-64 years of age-are welcome to join them at the regular meeting or just come to observe. 

For further information please contact Lougheed Fire Chief Jarret Hayes-


Training schedule will be publicized at a later date. 


We are looked after by the dispatch call from Strathcona County-they send the ambulance from either Killam or Hardisty.



Our surrounding areas have hospitals;  Killam and Hardisty with active treatment from Daysland and Viking.



Lougheed is protected by the detachment out of Killam and the County Constable.



The Village of Lougheed has a Disaster Services Plan headed by a Director and volunteers from within the community.  Contact Jarret Hayes (780) 390-0314