Emergency - Dial 911 or Fire - Dial 911


The Village of Lougheed is serviced by the Lougheed Volunteer Fire Dept.  The group has practice meetings the first Wed of each month and regular meetings the third Wed of the month.  All interested and between 18-64 years of age-are welcome to join them at the regular meeting.


We are looked after by the dispatch call from Strathcona County-they send the ambulance from either Killam or Hardisty.


Our surrounding areas have hospitals;  Killam and Hardisty with active treatment from Daysland and Viking.


Lougheed is protected by the detachment out of Killam and the County Constable.


The Village of Lougheed has a Disaster Services Plan headed by a Director and volunteers from within the community.  Contact Debra Smith (780) 386-3930