Election 2021

  • The nomination period has closed. The following is a list of nominations received. 
  • Armer, Susan
  • Johnsen, John
  • Meek, Henry (Hal)
  • Sieben, Shawn

October 18, 2021, is Election day

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  • Susan Armer

  • Hello to the Village of Lougheed:
  • I am seeking your support for the position on Lougheed Council. My years on Council have taught me so much. It would be my privilege to continue working for you. I look forward to collaborating with the other councillors and setting a direction for our small but friendly village to be successful. To fulfill the public’s, expectation of an open and transparent local government. To celebrate our varied heritage and the diversity of our community. 
  • I am proud to call Lougheed my home.
  • John Johnsen

  • I moved to Lougheed almost 2 years past, just before the pandemic started. So I have been  isolated somewhat because of it and have not had a lot of contact with everyone as if yet. You might gave seen me around town,  I try to walk the entire town daily. 
  • I am well educated and have extensive experience with planning and organizing. I hope to bring a new perspective to any problems or concerns the village might have while ensuring we do not waste any of our precious tax dollars. As for my experience it is as follows:
  • I was in the navy for 21 years and while in the navy I achieved the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class. My career comprised of repairing computer systems, monitors and radar’s  for the Canadian Navy. In the course of my career I have had in-depth training to the level of an electronic technologist plus managerial training. As well I have also had a unique tour of duty in one of Canada’s most advanced computer based training system labs where my job was to maintain the hardware and software. I was a contract worker for 3 years with Disney Interactive Victoria developing learning series games. As well I localized many existing games for the European, Scandinavian and 
  • South American markets. Due to 9/11 the studio I was working in the oil patch I attained my class 1 license and air brake endorsement. My work was mostly delivering pipe to oil rigs using a picker truck. 
  • For the last 10 years I have been involved with the propane company PNE Corp. where I was a delivery driver both local and long haul, eventually I took over yard management which includes ensuring a good inventory level to supply our customers and planning and organizing the delivery schedules for the drivers and ensuring the equipment is well maintained and serviced.
  • Henry Meek (Hal)

  • Hal has worked 40 years in the oil patch, majority in sales for an International service co. and 12 years supervising work overs and completions. I was employed for the Village of Lougheed for 2 years as public works. Which I had obtain my Small Water Plant License. 
  • I have been a resident of Flagstaff County for 12 years, last 11 years as a resident of the Village of Lougheed.  I have been married to my wife Terrie for 20 years. We share 5 children and 7 grandchildren. 
  • My goals if elected of council: Carry on with infrastructure repairs, maintenance etc. Follow up by starting to fix roads. Maintain level of taxation while looking for cost saving measures throughout budget. Promote economic development within the village, ie: attracting businesses addressing and acting upon residents concerns in a timely manner. Keep residents informed as a councillors as to
  • council activities. 

Shawn Sieben

Hello fellow Village of Lougheed residents! I’ve resided in the village locally for the past 13 years. My family has loved this community and I’ve enjoyed raising my children here. We have a great community and if elected as village councillor I would like to take part in ensuring we are preparing for the future. 

If elected I would like to see what incentives could be used to attract more people to build within the village to utilize the existing vacant lots that we have on the westside of village. More residences will broaden the tax base and this could be used to lower the existing mill rate to allow more savings for village residences and businesses. I also want to ensure that long term the village is planning a road map for utility replacement and road maintenance. 


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