July 13, 2021

Village of Lougheed Water Restrictions- Revised

Water use restrictions implemented.

Residents of the Village of Lougheed are being asked to reduce non-essential water use due to the heatwave and limitations with pumping systems in our Water Treatment Plant.

*The Village of Lougheed has a Pilot Testing Project presently happening at the WTP that requires the plant to run for a certain period of time per day for this testing to be done correctly. This is the reason the village has been flushing fire hydrants for the past 3 weeks. In the long haul, this Pilot Testing is for the village to keep costs down on treatment expenses on village-treated water.

Non-essential watering use including water of lawns, washing cars or driveways, filling up swimming pools or hot tubs.

We’re just taking some proactive measures at the moment, asking residents to just be conscious of the situation, trying to conserve their water consumption. Water consumption has nearly doubled over the past several days.

Thank you for your immediate attention.